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Mr. Rippey

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Mr. Rippey's Bio

Branden Rippey

Born: New Brunswick, New Jersey, 1971.

Raised: Lakewood, New Jersey.

Teenage Hobbies/Activities: Basketball, sports in general, playing drums, music in general.


  • Temple University, Philadelphia (1989-1991)

  • Associate of Arts, Central Florida Community College (1993-1994)

  • Bachelor of Arts in History, Rutgers University, Newark (1994-1996)

  • Masters of Arts in Teaching History, Rutgers University, Newark (1996-1997)

  • Masters Degree in Global History, Rutgers University, Newark and New Brunswick (2004-2011)

  • Convening Member, Revolutions Study Group, Brecht Forum and Marxist Education Project (2011-2018)

Areas of Specialization and Interest

  • United States History (late 19th century to present)

  • History of Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Atlantic World,

  • History of Colonialism and Imperialism,

  • Urban History and Studies,

  • History of the Russian Revolution,

  • History of Labor, Radicalism, and Marxism.


- Have visited most states in the US, and visited Canada.
- Costa Rica (1996)
- Brazil (1998)
- Latin America (2000-2001 - Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa
Rica, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil).
- Mexico (2006)
- South Africa (2009)
- Spain and Portugal (2012)  
- East Africa (2014 - Mostly Kenya, with quick visits to Tanzania and Uganda) 

Current Activities/Hobbies
: Reading, films, music, travel, political organizing, and my girlfriend :) 
(And recently I've been trying to be a good role model for my girlfriend's 12 year old son. It's not really a fun hobby, but I'm doing it anyway...)


Mr. Rippey

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Mr. Rippey

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