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Hello students and prospective students, and welcome to my website. My name is Branden Rippey, and I presently teach Sociology and IB World History for Juniors and Seniors. In the past I have taught US History I, US History II, AP World History, and Latin American and Caribbean History. 

This site is designed to do two things. First, it is a practical and helpful way of keeping up with coursework, and of making sure you have the assignments, rubrics, and general resources you will need to do well in my classes. Second, this website is a place where you can come to find books, web links, films, documentaries, and other resources which are related to my classes and the topics of history and contemporary society. 

On the first reason for this website: on this page, you can find the most up to date listing of assignments and their due dates for each of my classes (see the table below, and the page for each individual class). This is a necessity for you, and should be checked regularly, particularly over holiday breaks, snow days, and during extended periods of absence for either you or myself.

On the second reason for this website: it is meant to quench your thirst for knowledge!  It assumes that there are different ways of learning, and aims to give you at least some of the resources available in a number of different mediums which you may enjoy and learn from. Even if these films, documentaries, books, and other resources do not connect directly to our class topics, I hope you will check some of them out, think about them, then check out some more until you start seeing a fuller picture of our history, our present society, and our future prospects. 

If you search around this site enough, you will find lots of interest, even stuff about me. Use it well and enjoy!





Introduce Media Research

TV News

TV Magazines/Documentaries

Internet Based News

National Newspapers


Media Analysis ESSAY

Due Date

Oct 11

Oct 12-15

Oct 16-18

Oct 19-22

Oct 23-27

Oct 30-Nov 2

November 3


IB History of the Americas (Juniors)


Chasteen, ch 1

Schwartz, Victors and Vanquished

Chasteen, Ch 2

Schwartz, Slavery in Brazil

Harman, 249-256

The Mission

Colonial Latin America ESSAY


Due Date

Oct 12

Oct 13

Oct 17

Oct 20

Oct 23

Oct 24-27

Oct 30


History of the Americas (Seniors)


Evans, Preface

German Pecularities

Gospels of Hate

The Spirit of 1914

Descent Into Chaos

Unit 1 ESSAY

Due Date

Oct 13

Oct 16

Oct 17

Oct 18

Oct 19

Oct 20