Hello students. This page of my website is designed to give you an introduction to the news sources which are available to you in your attempts to keep up with our fast moving world. Below are news sources (daily papers, magazines, and electronic), ethics groups, and good bookstores where you can always look for good information. 

A disclaimer: There are many, many other sources of news in this nation and this world. These are not the only decent news outlets. Furthermore, some people, mainly on the political right, have major problems with some of the sources listed here, such as the New York Times, The Nation, etc. I, however, do not, even if they are not perfect. I have listed here a group of organizations which present a lot of good, factual reporting, combined with intelligent and mostly honest interpretation. 

I also have purposely left off this page certain organizations which have lost much credibility as news organizations, either through selective ommissions, blatant misreporting of facts, or consistent bias which attempts to manipulate our understanding of what they report. The list below is also limited to those organizations which I have read enough to know well, and that I can say generally have good information.